Sadio Mane and his new teenage wife will not be going on honeymoon because the 18-year-old has been made to return to school to prepare for exams after their arranged marriage

Sadio Mane and his teenage wife are not going on honeymoon because she has been made to return to school in preparation for her final exams, MailOnline can reveal, after footage posted online showed her being greeted by classmates.

The former Liverpool star married Aisha Tamba in an Islamic ceremony on January 7 in Keur Massar, a suburb in the capital city of Dakar, just six days before the start of the Africa Cup of Nations on January 13.

Mane, 31, is currently with the Senegal squad for the tournament in the Ivory Coast but was hoping to go on honeymoon once it is over, with the final taking place on February 11.

But Aisha, 18, has been instructed by her family to focus on her studies ahead of her final baccalaureate exams this summer, an academic qualification that students obtain at the end of their secondary education.

Moussa Ndiaye, Mane’s best friend and confidant who played an integral role in arranging his marriage told MailOnline: ‘Sadio was hoping to have a honeymoon at some point either after the final, if Senegal get there or before, if they are eliminated.

‘But Aisha’s family want her to remain focused on her education. She has very important exams comping up and they don’t want this marriage getting in the way. They feel there will be plenty of opportunities for holidays later in her life. For now, her schoolwork must come first.’

He added: ‘Even though she is now married to Sadio, who is the most famous man in Senegal, she is still a schoolgirl and needs to complete her studies.’

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